Wombaroo Big Carnivore Supplement

///Wombaroo Big Carnivore Supplement

Wombaroo Big Carnivore Supplement




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Wombaroo Big Carnivore Supplement

Wombaroo Big Carnivore Supplement

Sizes 5kg & 10kg

Big Carnivore Supplement is a vitamin, mineral & essential nutrient supplement for carnivores including Big Cats, Hyenas, Hunting Dogs, Wolves & Dingoes.

Key Features:

Add to an all-meat diet to balance the available vitamins & minerals.

Elevated levels of essential fatty acids for brain, skin & cell membrane development.

Contains added taurine, an essential nutrient for felids.

On average, an all-meat diet contains adequate quantities of essential amino acids, nicotinamide, choline, potassium, sodium and selenium.

Big Carnivore Supplement provides increased levels of the other essential nutrients listed, which may be deficient in an all-meat diet (based on NRC recommendations).

To supplement an all-meat diet apply 10g (1 level tablespoon) per kg of meat.

This can be done by slicing open a portion of meat and inserting the supplement into the cut.

Supplement rates are not applicable to animals fed on a whole-body diet.






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Weight 5 kg

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