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Vam Injection Equestrian 100ml

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Vam Injection Equestrian 100ml

Vam Injection Equestrian 100ml

A supplementary source of all the essential nutritional factors required in large amounts by performance animals.

VAM is specifically formulated to support an athletic animal under the stress of training and racing and to help maintain appetite, as well as to act as a source of readily available essential nutrients and cofactors.

An intramuscular injection of essential minerals and nutritional factors required by high-performance animals.

Can be used as a training aid or to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies and illness.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • VAM supplements all the essential nutritional co-factors and nutrients for performance animals.
  • The tissue demands for essential nutrients are very high with hard exercise and training regimes.
  • VAM is formulated for use regularly 2 – 3 times weekly.
  • Helps maintain blood counts, appetite and well being.
  • VAM provides essential nutrients when they are required.

Active ingredient

  • Ferric ammonium citrate 15 mg/mL
  • iboflavin (Vit B2) 10 mg/mL
  • Nicotinamide 100 mg/mL
  • D-Pantothenol (Vit B5) 15 mg/mL
  • Pyridoxine HCl (Vit B6) 10 mg/mL
  • Cyanocobalamin (Vit B12) 150 μg/mL
  • Cobalt sulfate 240 μg/mL
  • Copper sulfate 70 μg/mL
  • Choline bitartrate 10 mg/mL
  • Biotin 10 μg/mL
  • Inositol 10 mg/mL
  • L-Lysine HCl 20 mg/mL
  • Dl Methionine 20 mg/mL
  • Glycine 20 mg/mL

Indications (uses)

  • For use in high performance animals where there is a risk of mineral or vitamin deficiency.

Dosage and administration

  • Administer via intramuscular injection.
  • Dose (horses): 1 mL per 45 kg (10 mL per 450 kg bodyweight)
  • Dose (cattle): 1 mL per 45 kg (10 mL per 450 kg bodyweight)
  • Administer twice weekly or as directed by your veterinarian.


  • Store below 25°C (Air Conditioning).