Pet Stair (L) – Yellow

////Pet Stair (L) – Yellow

Pet Stair (L) – Yellow


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25 in stock

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Pet Stair (L) – Yellow


Make it easier for your furry friend to get on your bed with these pet-friendly steps!

Love having your pet in your bed, but they can’t reach? The stable and sturdy Ibiyaya Pet Stairs are your pet’s pathway to your warm and cosy bed or their favourite spot on the couch. Featuring an inclined form, these stairs make it easy for your animal companion to reach their destination without jumping; it’s also perfect for elderly pets that may need more support when climbing on to beds, couches, etc.

These pet-friendly steps are made with durable wooden material and specially designed to provide enough support for your pet. Easy and quick to assemble, these pet stairs will be usable in no time and requires no tools to put together. These stairs can support pets up to 15 kilograms in weight.


  • Stable and sturdy wooden inclined pet stairs
  • Designed to make your pet’s favourite spots easier to reach – no jumping required!
  • Great for elderly or injured pets who need extra support to get to their destination
  • Can support up to 15kg and is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Easy to assemble and requires no tools

Size: Large

Max. Weight: 15kg

Measurements: Approx. 58cm (length) x 47cm (width) x 40cm (height)

Colour: Yellow

Support your pet with the Ibiyaya Pet Stairs and make life more comfortable and easier for them!



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