Pet Rectal Digital Thermometer

///Pet Rectal Digital Thermometer

Pet Rectal Digital Thermometer



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Pet Rectal Digital Thermometer

Pet Rectal Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometers are a quick, simple & effective way of obtaining temperature information.

This digital medical thermometer is very accurate & also easy to use.

Animal body temperatures are so important to the well being of warm-blooded animals.

How to take the body temperature of animals

  • Control the animal.
  • Move the tail to the side.
  • Put the thermometer gently into the anus, as far as possible.
  • Hold the thermometer at an angle so that it touches the wall of the rectum.
  • Keep a firm grip on the thermometer, if the animal defecates or coughs the thermometer could come out or go into the rectum.
  • Hold the thermometer in place for half a minute.
  • If you do not have a watch count slowly up to 30 (one, two, three, ………… thirty)
  • Remove the thermometer & wipe it if necessary and read it.
  • Do not touch the bulb as this could change the reading.


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