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Paramectin Cattle Injection 500ml

////Paramectin Cattle Injection 500ml

Paramectin Cattle Injection 500ml

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Paramectin Cattle Injection 500ml

Paramectin Cattle Injection 500ml

The Paramectin® Injection contains abamectin, a member of the avermectin family of compounds which have a unique mode of action unrelated to that of other products used to control parasites of cattle in Australia.

It provides a broad spectrum of efficacy against the species of internal & external parasites listed in the indications.

An abamectin injection providing broad-spectrum activity against intestinal roundworms, lice, & control of cattle tick.

30 days withholding for milk

Beef withholding period of 30 days.

Dosage: (For cattle older than 16 wks) 1ml/50kg bodyweight

Give by subcutaneous injection at the side of the neck

Composition: 10mg/ml Abamectin

Export Slaughter Interval: 42 days