Monkee Tree 2 Step Pack

///Monkee Tree 2 Step Pack

Monkee Tree 2 Step Pack


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25 in stock

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Monkee Tree 2 Step Pack

Monkee Tree 2 Step Pack

The Monkee Tree® 2 Step Pack allows your little Monkee to reach new places.

This 2 step pack will extend your existing Monkee Tree  Starter Pack.

Whether your cat needs to access an open window, reach an elevated cat door, climb up to a second storey balcony or simply amuse itself while left alone to play, MonkeeTree can do it all.

Monkee Tree can be used as an outdoor access way or an indoor climbing gym for your cat.

Its versatile unique modular patented design means you can create a layout to suit your cats climbing ability and unique location while hampering use by people.

2 x Branch Pack (Branch 8 – 2 x medium step (8-inch width) and screws


  • Use to help cats reach higher places without injuring themselves
  • Makes a wonderful cat gym to help keep your cat active during the day
  • Versatile assembly with multiple step positions (horizontal and vertical)
  • Made with durable, UV-resistant, and recyclable Polypropylene
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-term use
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand


Monkee Tree