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Kohnkes Gastro Coat Horses 6kg

///Kohnkes Gastro Coat Horses 6kg

Kohnkes Gastro Coat Horses 6kg

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Kohnkes Gastro Coat Horses 6kg

Kohnkes Gastro Coat Horses 6kg

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Gastro Coat is a natural supplement that may be used in conjunction with medications for gastrointestinal ulceration.

Add as a supplement to mixes containing grains and hay, which are often low in these important types of protective compounds.

Helps to maintain the appetite and natural digestive function in all horses.

Gastric ulcers are increasingly common in performance and pleasure riding horses, including Dressage, Show-Jumping, Eventing and Showing horses.

Even lightly worked horses may develop gastric irritation or ulcers which cause pain and a change in behaviour.

In the feed

  • Gastro-Coat can be given in your horse’s daily feed.
  • Suited for horses which eat too quickly.
  • Sprinkle the required dosage of Gastro-Coat (1 scoop (15 grams) per 100kg bodyweight) over the top of your horse’s feed.

Oral Syringe

  • Horses with reduced appetite benefit from a syringe dose of Gastro-Coat 15 minutes before their meal.
  • This can reduce pain and picky or slow eating.
  • Mix 5 scoops of Gastro-Coat in 50 ml of oil and paste your horse using a large oral syringe.
  • The unique barrier-forming component of Gastro-Coat activates in water so it is advised to use an oil slurry for easy dosage.

Pre-exercise meal

  • Horses with reduced performance, girthiness or reluctance to go forward benefit from a small pre-exercise meal that includes Gastro-Coat.
  • This small snack will not overfill the stomach or slow the horse but will increase comfort and contentment during training and travelling.
  • Add the required dose of Gastro-Coat to 500 g of crumbled alfalfa cubes and 2 tablespoons of limestone (for extra buffering power).
  • Give this small meal 30 minutes before working or travelling your horse for up to 4 hours of protection from the pain of gastric irritation.