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Ketol 2 Litres for Cattle & Sheep

///Ketol 2 Litres for Cattle & Sheep

Ketol 2 Litres for Cattle & Sheep




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Ketol 2 Litres for Cattle & Sheep

Ketol 2 Litres for Cattle & Sheep aids in the treatment of acetonaemia (ketosis) in cattle and pregnancy toxaemia in sheep.

Is an oral solution containing propylene glycol, choline and cobalt sulphate.

Propylene glycol acts as a glucose precursor, triggering the production of more glucose from the liver.

This will help elevate blood glucose level, assist removal of ketones and accelerate general metabolic function.

Choline enhances fat transport from the liver to assist in fatty acid metabolism.

Cobalt sulfate ensures Vitamin B12 production is maintained for carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism and maintenance of appetite.

Active Constituents
Propylene glycol 832g/L, Choline chloride 20.6g/L, Cobalt (II) sulfate 1.1g/L
Product Benefits
  • For use in both cattle and sheep
  • Oral solution for easy administration


For the treatment and prevention of ketosis in cows and pregnancy toxaemia in ewes.

Sheep dose is 125mls daily, cattle maximum dose is 245mls twice daily, decreasing to 125 mls twice daily.