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KER Gold Pellets Horses 3.6kg

///KER Gold Pellets Horses 3.6kg

KER Gold Pellets Horses 3.6kg

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KER Gold Pellets Horses 3.6kg

KER Gold Pellets Horses 3.6kg

GOLD PELLET is an extremely palatable and convenient way of supplementing protein, amino acids, trace minerals & vitamins in a concentrated, low-calorie supplement.

GOLD PELLET uses high-quality full-fat soy, added amino acids to supply the horse with quality protein that may not be in adequate supply from grain or roughage

The oil content assists in the quest for a shiny coat.

The pellet contains yeast culture.

The ultimate vitamin and mineral supplement for horses

  • Convenient low intake pellet which supplies amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants & trace minerals for horses fed diets comprised only of forage & cereal grains.
  • Ensures correct trace mineral & vitamin levels when premixed feeds are used below recommended feeding rates.
  • Ideal for overweight or laminitic horses.
  • Natural vitamin E for superior bioavailability.
  • Contains yeast culture to assist with digestive function.



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