Gripsoft Dog Pin Brush Large

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Gripsoft Dog Pin Brush Large



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Gripsoft Dog Pin Brush Large

Gripsoft Dog Pin Brush Large

The first grooming tools with soft rubber ergonomic grips!

JW Pet worked with groomers & designers to develop a completely new line of grooming tools.

They studied the way groomers hold the tool, the movement of the hand & wrist, & the contour of the dog.

The result of their efforts is Gripsoft, for maximising comfort, for ease of use in all those hard-to-get areas & for maximum durability.

The pin brush is used for daily brushing of any dog.

An oval head with long round tipped bristles are more gentle on your dog’s skin and gently untangle mats and smooths out fur.

For best results use regularly for a soft and shiny coat year round.


  • Ideal for daily brushing to remove dead or shedding hair
  • Non-slip handle and ergonomic design
  • Features rounded head and slightly angled pins
  • Especially effective on double coated breeds
  • For regular brushing