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Frontline Plus 3 Pack Extra Large Dog

////Frontline Plus 3 Pack Extra Large Dog

Frontline Plus 3 Pack Extra Large Dog

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Frontline Plus 3 Pack Extra Large Dog

Frontline Plus 3 Pack Extra Large Dog

This is Australian registered product labelled in kilograms.

For the treatment and prevention of fleas and the control of ticks on dogs over 8 weeks of age.

Has enhanced flea control action over straight Frontline.

Comes in a pack of 3 pipettes

Frontline® is a registered trademark of Merial, a Sanofi company.

Directions For Use

  • Weigh your pet and select the appropriate Frontline Plus dose
  • Ensure your pet is completely dry before applying, wait 48 hours after application before wetting or bathing your pet again
  • Properly part the fur at the shoulder blades on the back of your pet exposing a small area of skin
  • Break open the seal of the pipette
  • Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze out the entire contents of the tube
  • For small and medium dogs, one spot application is sufficient.
  • For large and extra large dogs, the content of one applicator can be placed at 4 to 5 spots starting from the neck to the base of the tail
  • Use only one applicator per treatment
  • All animals in the household should be treated at the same time – especially if any pet is allergic to fleas
  • Daily searching of dogs for ticks is advised to minimise the risk of tick paralysis – daily searching should continue after application



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