First Drench For Lambs 5 Litre

First Drench For Lambs 5 Litre

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First Drench For Lambs 5 Litre

First Drench For Lambs 5 Litre

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  • A combination of oral drench for lambs
  • Contains levamisole
  • Contains praziquantel
  • Broad-spectrum worm control, including tapeworms
  • Highly effective against susceptible barber’s pole worm
  • Ideal for lambs
  • Short WHP and ESI


  • Control of roundworms and tapeworm concurrently.


  • Contains levamisole
  • Levamisole is a short-acting clear drench.
  • Levamisole is still highly effective against barber’s pole worm and Nematodirus on most properties.
  • Nematodirus is often a problem after drought or in lambing paddocks as the egg is resilient and can survive in hot, dry conditions for long periods.

Contains praziquantel

  • FIRST DRENCH contains praziquantel, the only chemical that controls both segments and heads of tapeworm.
  • It makes sense to remove tapeworms to reduce the overall worm burden of your lambs, giving them the best opportunity to achieve peak performance.

Broad-spectrum worm control

  • FIRST DRENCH is highly effective against levamisole sensitive gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworm.
  • It also provides control of tapeworms (heads and segments).

Effect against barber’s pole worm

  • Where levamisole is still effective against barber’s pole worm, clear drenches provide a cost-effective, short-acting option to treat this worm.
  • This is especially important if barber’s pole worm is the major worm on a property and an alternative to a macrocyclic lactone (ML) drench is required for the purpose of rotation.

Ideal for lambs

  • For a young lamb, life is a risky business.
  • They’re vulnerable to cold, predators and worms.
  • As soon as lambs start to eat pasture, they are developing a worm burden.
  • Unlike older sheep, lambs haven’t yet built up their immunity against worms.
  • Worm infections lead to reduced wool production and lower bodyweights in sheep of any age; a high worm burden will have a far bigger impact on young sheep.

Short meat WHP and ESI

  • Only approximately 0.9% of the initial dose of levamisole can be found in the tissues.
  • This enables FIRST DRENCH to have a very short meat withholding period and export slaughter interval, giving you the flexibility to get your lambs to market at the optimal time.


  • Levamisole 37.5g/L
  • Praziquantel 18.8g/L