Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier

Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier


25 in stock


25 in stock


Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier

Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier

Travel with your furry friend with ease, even by airplane, with the Ibiyaya Explorer Airline Transparent Pet Carrier! 

Now you can bring your animal companion everywhere you go, even on airplane trips, with this efficient and collapsible pet carrier!

Featuring a transparent circular, rocket ship-like window on the front of the bag, your furry friend can have a view of their environment while being protected from wind, rain and other elements.

The front and back of the bag also has a wider opening that unzips to make it easy for your pet to enter or leave the bag.

With mesh windows at the top and sides of the bag, you can let air flow through the bag and ensure your pet gets plenty of oxygen.

To hold all your pet essentials, use the roomy side pocket instead of carrying another bag.


  • Versatile and easy-to-use traveling carrier for small-sized pets
  • Can be worn as a shoulder bag, backpack or front carrier
  • Easy to place on top of a rolling suitcase and secures with thick Ibiyaya side strap
  • Perfectly sized to fit under the seat or in the seat next to you
  • Transparent round zippered front flap for easy access and to give your pet a view
  • The transparent window can double as a water bowl for your pet to drink from
  • Mesh windows on the side and on the top of the bag for breathability
  • The 2-layered flap on the top of the bag – first layer rolls up and can be tied back
  • The wide opening on the side that opens up to make it easy for a pet to get in and out
  • Safety collar lead on the inside of the bag to prevent the pet from jumping out
  • Comes with 2 shoulder straps that clip onto the bag
  • Folds for easy storage when not in use

Measurements: 40cm x 25cm x 30cm

Max. Weight: 6kg

Colour: Black



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