Equest Plus Tape Gel Horses

///Equest Plus Tape Gel Horses

Equest Plus Tape Gel Horses



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Equest Plus Tape Gel Horses

Equest Plus Tape Gel Horses is effective in the control of tapeworm, bots and gastrointestinal roundworms in horses.

The Equest® Plus Tape contains moxidectin and praziquantel.

Advantages of using Equest® Plus Tape

  • Equest® Plus Tape lasts up to twice as long as other wormers so fewer treatments are required (only 3-4 per year), meaning less hassle for you and reduced costs over time.
  • Equest® Plus Tape also has a low volume liquefying gel formulation and narrow barrel syringe for easier administration.
  • It kills encysted small strongyles in a single dose and protects against a broad range of worm species.

What dose do I need?

  • Simply set your horse’s weight using the handy ring device on the syringe.
  • This will give your horse the correct measured dose for its weight.
  • You will need to know the accurate weight of your horse and be careful not to under-dose or over-dose.
  • If you don’t have a scale, use a weight tape.
  • The syringe is calibrated according to the body weight of the horse to be treated, in intervals of 25 kg of body weight.