Dogs Glucosamine Aristopet 500mg

///Dogs Glucosamine Aristopet 500mg

Dogs Glucosamine Aristopet 500mg



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Dogs Glucosamine Aristopet 500mg

Dogs Glucosamine Aristopet 500mg

Available Packs 90’s & 250’s

These tasty beef flavoured tablets contain Glucosamine, which if used long term may help maintain good joint health and function.

  • Contains glucosamine to help support good joint health
  • Delicious beef flavoured tablets
  • Each tablet contains 500mg Glucosamine Sulphate

Obesity, developmental orthopaedic diseases like hip or elbow dysplasia and trauma to joints from injury or surgery may result in the development of osteoarthritis.

When a joint is damaged or placed under excessive strain, damage occurs to the chondrocytes, the cells that create the cartilage that cushions the joint.

The damaged chondrocytes release substances that result in inflammation of the joint which begins a vicious cycle of deterioration.

Over time the cartilage disappears resulting in reduced mobility and pain.

Long-term supplementation with glucosamine, a natural building block of joint fluid and cartilage, may help to support the maintenance of healthy cartilage and joint fluid to reduce this process.

Safe for dogs of all breeds and ages


DOGS Daily

  • Under 10kg-250mg 1/2 tablet
  • 10-20kg – 500mg 1 tablet
  • 21-30kg – 750mg 1/1/2 tablets
  • 31-40kg – 1000mg 2 tablets
  • 41-60kg – 1500mg 3 tablets
  • over 60kg – 2000mg 4 tablets




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250's, 90's