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B Quiet 4kg KER

B Quiet 4kg KER

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B Quiet 4kg KER

B Quiet 4kg KER

B-QUIET has been formulated to treat the symptoms of thiamine deficiency including hyperirritability and nervousness in horses.

Thiamine plays a vital role in carbohydrate metabolism and nerve transmission.

Hard-working horses or those on high-grain diets may have reduced production of thiamine by intestinal bacteria because of stress or hindgut acidosis.

Thiamine supplementation has been shown to have a calming effect in individuals displaying undesirable behaviour, due to a thiamine deficiency or increased requirements.

B-QUIET supplies elevated levels of thiamine for horses on high-grain diets or those in heavy training.

Why use B-Quiet?                                                  

  • High-quality thiamine formula to nutritionally support excitable and high-strung horses.
  • Thiamine plays a vital role in carbohydrate metabolism and nerve transmission and can help to reduce nervous behaviour in horses.
  • Thiamine supplementation may benefit horses on high-grain diets, those in heavy training and those with a thiamine deficiency.
  • May reduce the risk of weight loss and anxious/nervous behaviour.

Feeding Directions

The following amounts should be fed daily.

Mix well with feed.

30g -Nervous horses, horses on high grain intakes or in heavy training.

30g – Other horses showing signs of thiamine deficiency, for as long as signs persist.

60g – To horses for 2 days prior to a show or competition.

*These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 500kg. Please adjust according to the weight of your horse.


Kentucky Equine Research