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Australian Naturals Dog Chicken Peas

Australian Naturals Dog Chicken Peas



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Australian Naturals Dog Chicken Peas

Australian Naturals Dog Chicken Peas

These Australian Naturals Grain-Free dog treats, are expertly formulated by our Pharmacists who work closely with dedicated cooks with culinary knowledge, creating a delicious, superior quality treat.

Fine ingredients such as kale and tomatoes are individually added to the mixer, providing the perfect balance between nutrition and vibrant, new tastes.

Our world-class cooks ensure the quality and consistency is just right before going through the delicate, cooking process.

These authentic ingredients are then slowly cooked, locking in the nutrients, so dogs can enjoy a delicious and nutritious treat.

#1 Ingredient Farm-Fresh Chicken

NO Corn, Wheat or Grain – NO Artificial Colours or Flavours

Australia’s quality ingredients sourced from local producers

  • Australia boasts some of the finest and fertile lands in the world and produces exceptional quality meats, vegetables and fruits, which are all included in Australian Naturals dog treats.
  • By duplicating the diet that dogs would hunt for in the wild and provide those ingredients in optimum proportions.
  • This makes Australian Naturals one of the most highly nutritional and natural treat choices.
  • Australian Naturals Chicken with Peas treats for dogs contains farm-fresh regional Australian ingredients.
  • These ingredients mirror the natural diet, supplying nutrients in their finest form.
  • From succulent chickens, delicious peas, to sun-ripened fruits and vegetables used in our formulations.