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Australian Deer Antlers Dog Treats Small <95gm

/////Australian Deer Antlers Dog Treats Small <95gm

Australian Deer Antlers Dog Treats Small <95gm


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Australian Deer Antlers Dog Treats Small <95gm

Australian Deer Antlers Dog Treats Small <95gm

Pack Sizes

  • 1 x Australian Deer Antler
  • 5 x Australian Deer Antler

They are naturally shed, full of nutrients, do not splinter, can last for months and dogs love them!

Whether you’re a longtime purchaser of deer antlers or are considering for the first time, you’re in the right place!

  • If you’re looking for a long-lasting chew, antlers can be a good choice. Antlers are a durable chew for dogs.
  • Best for passive to moderate chewers, who prefer gnawing

Health Benefits:

  • Antlers are very rich in calcium and minerals.
  • They’re great for arthritis. Antlers contain glucosamine and chondroitin, helping to reduce pain effectively as they reduce swelling in the joints.
  • For senior dogs suffering from arthritis.
  • You might like to consider ordering antler powder to add to their food or even our antler biscuits.
  • As we all know dogs absorb calcium poorly from raw bones but the calcium and other minerals in antlers are readily absorbed as dogs grind the antler down.
  • Deer antler contains collagen that helps in promoting the health of the joints and repairing connective tissues.
  • The Deer antler gelatin has numerous medicinal properties that help in nourishing the spleen and the kidney.
  • The benefit of Deer antlers helping the heart, kidney, liver and blood vessels to work optimally and increases their function considerably.


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