Advance Cat Mature Ocean Fish 12x85g

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Advance Cat Mature Ocean Fish 12x85g



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Advance Cat Mature Ocean Fish 12x85g

Advance Cat Mature Ocean Fish 12x85g

There’s a reason it’s called Advance because it takes your cat’s health & advances it one step further.

With a formula that means your cat receives a meal that is both nutritionally complete & balanced.

Advance Adult Cat with Ocean Fish in Jelly is the delicious wet food that brings out the shine in your kitty’s coat & makes their skin fresh and healthy.

Providing them with an optimal water turnover, Advance is made with high-quality ingredients that ensure there is flair in every bite of flavour.

For cats over 1-year-old.

Each ADVANCE meal is made from high-quality ingredients using good manufacturing practices.


  • Shiny Skin & Healthy Skin.
  • Great Taste & Variety.
  • Optimal Water turnover.
  • Complete & Balanced.


Meat derived from Chicken, Beef, Lamb; Fish derived from Salmon, Tuna; Binder (Beef and/or Pork); Flavours; Gelling Agents; Vegetable Oil; All Essential Vitamins & Minerals; Colours; Taurine.

Cat Size                Pouch Only

3-4kg                    3⅓ – 4¾

4-5kg                    4 – 5½

6+kg                     >5½

When feeding both ADVANCE™ Dry and Wet food, simply halve the recommended quantities of each product and let your pet enjoy the best of both formats.

The feeding recommendations are provided as a guide only and actual feeding amounts should be based on your cat’s body condition and weight.