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4CYTE Equine Joint Support 3.5kg

4CYTE Equine Joint Support 3.5kg

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4CYTE Equine Joint Support 3.5kg

4CYTE Equine Joint Support 3.5kg

 Always consult your veterinarian on the health of your animal.

Advanced joint support, stimulating the natural mechanism to maintain healthy cartilage and joints.

4CYTE™ Equine is the only product available with the inclusion of ‘Epiitalis®’ –a patented plant extract that contains a range of essential fatty acids which stimulate chondrocyte (cell) proliferation

Proven to assist with recovery from vigorous activity and resulting aches and pains

4CYTE™ Equine reduces the production of chemicals PGE2 and Nitric oxide which may, in turn, assist with recovery of still uncomfortable joints.

Proven protection and promotion of healthy cartilage 4CYTE™ Equine provides a full range of naturally occurring GAGs and Omega-3 fatty acids essential for the production of cartilage.

4CYTE™ provides a proven increase in chondrocyte viability.

Proven anti-inflammatory action and potential analgesia

4CYTE™ Equine reduces the production of the central mediators of inflammation and pain – PGE2 and NO. 4CYTE™ use reduces inflammation in affected joints.

Feeding instructions

  • To introduce 4CYTE Equine to your horse, start on a ¼ scoop (5.25g) per day mixed with feed and slowly increase over the first 5 days. If you are using 4CYTE Equine preventatively, the maintenance dose is ½ scoop (10.5g) per day.
  • For horses, following surgery or with symptoms of poor joint function it is recommended in the first 4 weeks to feed 1 scoop (21g) per day.
  • This ensures good levels of active ingredients accumulate in the affected joints in a shorter period of time.
  • After 4 weeks you can reduce the dose to the maintenance dose of a ½ scoop daily.
  • If mixing with feed is not possible, crush the granules and blend with a palatable binder such as molasses and administer orally.