Bird Foods & Treats

Birds Foods & Treats. Top-selling brands like Vetafarm, Passwell, Wombaroo, Avion, Joy, as well as other leading brands available. We all know feeding birds the correct nutrients with their foods is an important part of ensuring your birds are on a healthy well-balanced diet.

We offer Australia’s Range of Bird Feeds, pellets & Treats for Parrots, Budgies, canaries & cockatiels are just a few of the birds Australians love as feathery family members! We offer a great range of bird food, cages, toys and treats to keep your bird singing with health and happiness. Food & Treats. Pellets & Supplements from leading suppliers such as Vetafarm, Avione, JOY, Passwell, Wombaroo, Protexin & many more leading brands.

Also available is our range of Australian Native bird products.

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