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About Us

/About Us

Kaba Deal Pet Store©  isn’t your typical pet store. We are all about pets. Just like you, our staff are pet lovers and proud pet parents.  When you shop with us online or in store at the recently opened Belmont Shop – Pawfect Pets©, you can 100% trust that we absolutely would never sell you anything that we wouldn’t or don’t already buy for our own pets.

Address: SHop 9/57 Thomson Street Belmont, Vic. 3216

We stock 1000’s of lines of quality pet supplies making us one of Australia’s largest pet suppliers and because every single one of our staff members all have pets that they adore, we completely understand that you want your order as fast as possible. That’s why when you buy online with us, if the product is listed as being in stock, then we’ll dispatch your order as quick as possible and it will be on its way to you within 48hrs*. If something you have ordered is not in stock, you will hear from us within 24hrs and you can choose wait, pick something else or get a full refund on that particular item.

The food we stock for dogs is one of our biggest range, catering for your dogs differing taste buds and needs, including prescription veterinary lines, top end dry foods, healthy, grain-free and natural snacks/treats and much more. Basically, we have everything your pet needs.

Our Goals

Providing expert advice and superior customer service to Australian pet owners. We are an Australian based online pet store with the addition of our recently opened our First  Shop in Geelong  – Pawfect Pets©

What About Pets?

We get so many inquiries about purchasing pets, but we do not sell them and absolutely do not condone the selling of live animals online or in stores. Never have, never will and we strongly encourage anyone who does this to please stop. Selling animals online is cruel and inhumane and it exposes the poor helpless animals through all sorts of discomfort which usually results in stress, injury or even death. We encourages and supports pet adoption through registered breeders and animal shelters. This is a much better approach to finding your new family member. Please remember that taking care of an animal is a big commitment and it is so important to do your research before purchase a new pet to make sure that you know exactly what to expect and what that breed of animal needs to be a happy, healthy member of your family. Ensure you know before you commit to the purchase, exactly what to feed your new family, how much exercise they require, how big they will grow, what their bad habits are, if they are good to have around children, what sort of training they will need and the list goes on. Our and Shop premises named Pawfect Pets© regularly support animal related charities including GAWS –A not for profit animal welfare organisation in Geelong, through direct donations, fundraising and through coin collection boxes we have located in our store.


More Great Reasons To Shop With Us Online Or In-store

    • Huge range of premium pet products.
    • 100% Australian owned business.
    • Your orders are safe and secure – all purchases are protected by secure industry standard SSL protection,to ensure your absolute privacy.
    • Our Site is 100% Mobile friendly.
    • We strive hard to deliver high quality products at seriously lower prices direct to your door.
    • We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card & AfterPay.
    • If there is something you are needing and we don’t have it listed, just email us at  sales@kabadeals.com.au and tell us what you are looking for. We will endeavour to find it out for you in a timely manner.





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