Here in Australia we are so blessed to have our amazing, worldly love, wildlife & birds who attract visitors from all over the world come here just to see them.

Too often these beautiful creates fall victim to road side accidents and our disastrous & devastating bush-fires and flood’s across our beautiful country side.

Wildlife office & volunteers rely solely on donations enabling them to  – tirelessly – trying to help  save the lives of these injured animals. This is where we come in,  we are here to help them by raising donations all year round.

You may wonder why we take donations all year round?

  • Every week of each year  throughout Australia, there is 1000’s of wildlife animals & birds injured on our roads and also need funding to pay for their treatments.

We at Keeping Australian Business Alive are passionate about wildlife and pets. We donate 10% of our profits each month to the treatment of injured wildlife here in Australia.

Monies raised will evenly distributed for the treatments and recovery of injured wildlife animals.


  • We will not and do not  hand monies over for organisations admin fee’s and purposes.
  • Please email us information on injured animals from your vet via official letterhead.
  • Please email us an itemised invoice.
  • We will assist with expenses according to our available funds at the time.
  • Contact email address

To donate click this link

Australian Wildlife